Sidmouth, Sidford and Sidbury - Maps, Hotels and Bed and Breakfast Accommodation with email links. Updated May 2016. This page is out of date but may still prove useful.

This is the most comprehensive and the only truly independent listing of hotels and guest houses in Sidmouth. It is part of Sidmouth's largest website SeeRed. Establishments do not pay to appear in the main listing. However it is out of date - some establishments may no longer exist - but it does list a large number that are not listed on many other 'paid for' websites - so it may still be useful to you. I'll update it when I have time!

Details are provided without recommendation. They are believed to be correct but you are advised to check. Please mention the SeeRed website and notify any errors. Photographs will be added when I find the time, but these days it is easy to use Google's StreetView to drive down any street in Sidmouth from the comfort of your home!

In 2005/6, Sidmouth Town Council sought to improve the number of 'hits' on its own tourist website by paying for sponsored links on Google, but with limited success. It tried again in 2009 - yet another waste of public money.

Noise, litter and general disorder along the once peaceful Esplanade continues to be a problem and the most troublesome 'drinking den' has been granted longer opening hours - much to the dismay of the management of the hotels most affected, amongst them the Riviera and the Devoran. This central stretch of Sidmouth's Esplanade is degraded by one establishment - but that's alcohol and profit for you!

Bars are open for too long: Noise spells end of Sidmouth visit.
(letter in Sidmouth Herald 27 August and reprinted in Midweek Herald, Sept 2010)

SIR - MY wife and I have been coming to Sidmouth for some 12 years now, spending long weekend breaks at one of your wonderful seafront hotels. It's hard to beat waking up in the morning to that view out over Lyme Bay, with the red sandstone cliffs stretching out to either side. Wonderful. But, alas, it is to be no more for us.

Until recently, we hadn't been for a couple of years, but, in that time, the bars on the seafront have extended their opening times to one o'clock in the morning, which means that they don't actually empty till about 1.30am, and, I'm afraid, that the noise that this generates, at a time when surely so many other visitors are trying to get to sleep, is more than we are prepared to tolerate.

We don't understand why the local council agrees to these times, although, to be fair, maybe their hands are tied by government legislation.

Apparently, the current government is to consider revising these opening hours which, and I think most people will agree, have brought nothing but a blight to our towns and cities around the country. Now, this has even come to Sidmouth seafront and, until such time as these opening hours are altered, we will be revising where we spend our weekend breaks.

ALAN CURTIS Theynes Croft, Longashton, Bristol

In 2009 Sidmouth gained a gaming shop, located where the old Dove pub used to be in the centre of town. This was much to the dismay and anger of the town council. Again, that's profit for you - aided and abetted by central government planning rules that say that local people must be encouraged to take part in local planning matters but only when their views do not conflict with what planners, bureaucrats or businessmen had in mind to do anyway. There was a certain poetic justice in seeing the town council helplessly bleating about not wanting this degrading eyesore in the town - they have a history of ignoring local people when it suits their own purposes. The gaming shop closed after a short period.

As for the 'official' tourist and hotel website, it remains a sad story of public money being spent by Sidmouth town council in duplicating hotel publicity that is already more than adequately handled by the private sector. The performance of the police must also be questioned - they have strongly supported a scheme for saturating Sidmouth with 60,000 (more recently 250,000) worth of CCTV cameras - how about a bit of old fashioned competent policing instead? As of 2009, things quietened down a bit and the CCTV idea has been delayed owing to cost. So you can still come to Sidmouth and not be watched everywhere you go - unlike in most towns in the UK. As of 2016 the idea is back on the agenda!

In the summer of 2006, owners of Vicarage Road guest houses complained bitterly about the drunken louts who "drive guests away". The topic of rowdy drunks along the Esplanade was also aired in an important study of the town undertaken by the 'Vision for Sidmouth' group. Their 2006 report is here. Curiously, few hotel guests who responded to a questionnaire mentioned antisocial behaviour as a problem at the time - in stark contrast to the views of many residents. Sidmouth and Sidford village are discussed in more detail here.

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Google lists thousands of entries under 'Sidmouth hotels' - most are part of commercial websites and give details of only a few establishments that have paid to be included.

Details of parking in Sidmouth   and   nearby petrol stations.

Sidford Village (less than 2 miles from central Sidmouth)

Blue Ball Inn - Totally destroyed by fire 18 March 2006. Photos here. This was one of Sidford's oldest buildings. Re-opened early in 2008 and with (thus far) an excellent reputation for food. Previous description given below.

East of Sidford village on the A3052. Small parts of it date from olden times. Most is fake antique but the tourists love the thatched roof and the outdoor barbecue and eating areas. Large car park and some B&B. Tel: (01395) 514062  EMAIL    EX10 9QL

Farmhouse Cottage - A delightfully thatched B&B establishment run by a local family, on the main A3052 yet with safe parking to the rear (access via Warrens Mead). Ideal for families and the elderly wishing to walk or cycle down the Byes into Sidmouth. Tel: (01395) 577682   EX10 9RE

blueball.jpg (8015 bytes)      farmhouse.jpg (6199 bytes)

The Blue Ball Inn and Farmhouse Cottage, two of Sidford's many old buildings.
The Blue Ball was totally destroyed by fire on 18 March 2006. Re-opened early 2008.

Rising Sun Inn - a pub in the village centre (at the Sidford traffic signals, junction of A375 and A3052) that serves good value food, if you can tolerate the hanging baskets. It is a village pub much used by locals. Pay and display car park adjacent to the Spar shop. Tel: (01395) 513722   EX10 9PF

Salty Monk Hotel - adjacent to the Sidford Wild Garden on the A3052. Following years of poor management (and a reputation to match) it now offers reputedly excellent food. Overnight accommodation is also expensive. Some recent guests have not been impressed. Others say it offers excellent food but agree it is expensive. Good off-road car parking. Has won several tourism awards. Tel: (01395) 513174   EX10 9QP

Boswell Farm Cottages - self-catering cottages to sleep 2 to 7. (01395) 514162  EMAIL   EX10 0PP

'Upmarket' and mid-range hotels in Sidmouth. Many are on or near the seafront. Unless they state otherwise, assume there is no private parking. Many rooms in hotels along the Esplanade will have good sea views but may suffer from the volume of traffic along this road.

Details are provided without recommendation. They are believed to be correct but you are advised to check before booking. Please mention the SeeRed website.

(For an exact location map of any hotel or B&B click on the postcode)

Bedford Hotel - mid-range, reasonable/good food, on the seafront and near to a large privately owned car park (daily rates apply). Very popular venue in Folk Week. Some single rooms. Will do B&B. (01395) 513047.    EX10 8NR

Belmont Hotel - upmarket: arguably one of the finest hotels in Sidmouth. Set back from the Esplanade with superb views. Allied to the Victoria Hotel. Short walk to seafront. (01395) 512555 EMAIL   EX10 8RX.

Devoran Hotel - similar to Kingswood hotel - and equally keen on Britain in Bloom. Subject to noise from traffic along the Esplanade.  Allied to the Royal Glen Hotel. (01395) 513151 EMAIL  EX10 8AU

Dukes - mid-range, having had several owners over the last few years this is now under the management of an experienced family. On the Esplanade but close to the market square and a night-club, it may be noisy at night. (01395) 513320 EMAIL   EX10 8AR

Hotel Elizabeth - mid-range, next door to Dukes and along the Esplanade but less subject to noise. Dedicated to Britain in Bloom (01395) 513503 EMAIL   EX10 8AT

Glendevon Hotel - mid-range, quiet area, a short walk to the seafront, small, no pets (01395) 514028 EMAIL or EMAIL  EX10 8QX

Hunters Moon Hotel - mid-range, a moderate easy walk from the seafront, quiet area and set in its own grounds.  (01395) 513380 EMAIL   EX10 9AA

Kingswood Hotel - mid-range, on the Esplanade and so subject to some traffic noise, keen on Britain in Bloom some parking spaces (01395) 516367 EMAIL   EX10 8AX

Mount Pleasant Hotel, Hillside Road/Salcombe Road. Mid-range, short walk into town, quiet area, bar, ample private parking (01395) 514694.   EX10 8JA

Riviera Hotel - upmarket, 'exclusive' and expensive but next to a 'drinking den' on the Esplanade popular with youngsters. Delightful terrace at the front - but can be noisy because of traffic along the Esplanade. Recently awarded the English Tourism Council's Gold Award. (01395) 515201 EMAIL   EX10 8AY

Royal Glen Hotel Glen Road, mid-range, Grade I listed, quiet, short walk to seafront, heated indoor pool, parking  (01395) 513221EMAIL or EMAIL   EX10 8RW

Royal York and Faulkner - large, mid-range, along the Esplanade but away from most of the noise of the market square.  Unrestricted on-road parking but little chance of finding a space. (01395) 513043 EMAIL   EX10 8AZ

Sidholme Hotel -  Elysian Fields, Vicarage Road, easy walk to seafront, a Christian hotel popular with organised groups, large music room, ample parking (01395) 513633  EMAIL    EX10 8UJ The centre of some debate in 2006 because it cancelled a block booking from 'folk festival' attendees. Yet in 2019 it became a folk week venue for dancing.

Victoria Hotel - upmarket and arguably Sidmouth's 'grandest' hotel, the food is reputedly excellent. Steep (healthy!) walk from seafront. (01395) 512651 EMAIL  EX10 8RY

Westcliff Hotel   Manor Road, upmarket, large grounds, ample car parking. (01395) 513252 EMAIL   EX10 8RU

Willow Bridge Hotel, Millford Road.  Reputedly good value, mid-range, quiet, parking, easy walk to seafront, overlooking river. (01395) 513599 EMAIL  EX10 8DR

Woodlands Hotel  mid-range, at the top of All Saints Road, quiet, moderate walk to seafront (500 metres) (01395) 513120 EMAIL   EX10 8HG

Bed and Breakfast (B&B) accommodation close to central Sidmouth.

(For an exact location map of any hotel or B&B click on the postcode)

Details are provided without recommendation. They are believed to be correct but you are advised to check before booking. Please mention the SeeRed website. There are some 'outlying' B&Bs and many close to the town centre. Those closest to the town (and sea) include establishments in Salcombe Road, Vicarage Road and Fortfield Place. Few of these have extensive parking - you are advised to check. Many are 'non-smoking'. Vicarage Road and Temple St are narrow in places and carry a lot of traffic.

Salcombe Road (a short walk to the Byes) : EX10 8PX
Barrington Villa, (01395) 514252
Berwick Guest House, (01395) 513621   "Parking available for every room, all with easy access".  (No pets, no young children) EMAIL
Canterbury House, some parking (01395) 513373 EMAIL
Hollies, (01395) 514580   

Vicarage Road (a short walk to the Byes) EX10 8UQ
Cheriton, some parking at rear (01395) 513810  EMAIL
Groveside, good car parking (01395) 513406  EMAIL (new owners for 2007)
Lynstead, parking at rear (01395) 514635  EMAIL
Southcombe, parking (01395) 513861 EMAIL 

Fortfield Place: (close to the seafront and main bus terminus). EX10 9NX
Cranmere House, (01395) 513933
Fortfield Place, (01395) 514588
Holmleigh (01395) 513580  EMAIL

You could also try
Byes View Guest House, Temple St, (01395) 513054  EX10 9BQ  EMAIL
Rose Cottage, Coburg Road, (01395) 577179. EX10 8NF.
Old Farmhouse, Hillside Road, (01395) 512284  EX10 8JG
Enstone, Lennox Road, parking, budget prices, (01395) 514444  EX10 8TX

Bed and Breakfast (B&B) accommodation outside central Sidmouth.

(For an exact location map of any hotel or B&B click on the postcode)

Barn and Pinn Cottage, on main A3052 at The Bowd, (01395) 513613 EMAIL  EX10 0ND

Burscombe Farm Sidbury. Farmhouse B&B or self catering cottage. (01395) 597648   EX10 0QB

Coombe Bank, Alexandria Road, parking (01395) 514843 EMAIL  EX10 9HG

Higher Weston Farm at Weston. Farmhouse B&B. Parking, ideal for walkers.  (01395) 513741 EX10 0PH

Jasmine Cottage at Weston. Parking, ideal for walkers. (01395) 512238 EX10 0PH

Kyneton Lodge, Alexandria Road (01395) 513213 EMAIL or EMAIL   EX10 9HG

Larkstone House, Connaught Road, parking (01395) 514345 EX10 8TT

Newland House, Temple St, (welcome younger people with children and with an extensive fire alarm system and other precautions that apparently cost 10,000!) (01395) 514155  EX10 9BA

Ryton, Winslade Road, parking (01395) 513981EMAIL  EX10 9EX

Saltwynds Farm, Saltways Lane, horses, pets OK. Camping. (01395) 579441 EX10 0NP

Sidling Field, 105 Peaslands Road, parking (01395) 513859   EX10 8XE  EMAIL

Southcroft, Arcot Road. no pets (01395) 516903 EX10 9ES   EMAIL

Sidbury village - 3 miles from central Sidmouth along the A375.

(For an exact location map of any hotel or B&B click on the postcode)

Sidbury is a picturesque Saxon village about a mile to the north of Sidford. Its main street has some zealous devotees of Britain in Bloom but many of the residents are quite normal. It is a good base for countryside walking. The main A375 road through the village is dangerous for cyclists and walkers alike. There are a number of good B&B establishments.

Castle Hill House - a splendid old building with extensive views. (01395) 597451. Email link via their website. EX10 0QD

Old Orchard Cottage. Two rooms only in a thatched cottage. (01395) 597645. EMAIL

Rose Cottage  no pets, no children. Wonderful views. (01395) 597357. EMAIL   EX10 0RH

Sid Valley Country Hotel - on the village outskirts, towards Honiton. 3 star hotel (17th century) and some self catering cottages. (01395) 597587 or 597274. Good parking. Horse riding and stabling. See website for photos/views. EMAIL  EX10 0QJ

Short breaks - Sidmouth and surrounding area.

(For an exact location map of any hotel or B&B click on the postcode)

Bulverton House Short Breaks, Bulverton House, Bulverton Road Sidmouth. Turn off the A3052 at the Bowd junction onto the A3176, see map. Self catering accommodation throughout the year (01395) 578552.  EMAIL  EX10 9DW

All budget accommodation in Sidmouth is generally booked a year or more in advance for 'folk week'. The Sidmouth Tourist Information Office is located at the swimming pool, just inland from the eastern end of the Esplanade. They are efficient and helpful - (01395) 516441. Direct any complaints to Sidmouth Town Council (01395) 512424.

For folk week camping and motorhome options click here.

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