Sidmouth - hotels, background and disputes.

Vision for Sidmouth: ideas for the development of the town.

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Accommodation in Sidmouth, local politics, and the truth behind the glossy tourist images promoted by the town council.

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hotels and bed and breakfast - the most comprehensive independent list of all accommodation in and around Sidmouth.  Parking in Sidmouth.

Sidmouth town and Sidford village -  a brief description

Margaret's Meadow - how the wildlife was driven away

Sidmouth's Esplanade - how a pedestrian crossing exposed the arrogance of Devon County Council

Vision for Sidmouth - a report produced by the Vision Group - (pdf, 2.6MB about 10 minutes download at 56k)

Vision for Sidmouth - developments and comments on the group's report.

Vandalism; drunken and intimidating yobs - the truth behind the glossy tourist brochures.

Incompetence on the Esplanade - is anyone in EDDC qualified in basic science?

Sidmouth beneath the waves - what future for the Esplanade if sea levels rise?

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