Sidmouth in 'folk week' 2003

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Folk week in early August 2003 was one of the hottest on record. The Esplanade sported the usual selection of hanging baskets, all part of the 'chequebook gardening' of Britain in Bloom.


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The festival was a superb event: the following photos show some of the sights around the seafront and other centres of 'folkie' activity.


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Resting under the shade of trees in Blackmore Gardens.......


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....... and dancing in the gardens of the Anchor pub were favorite yet complementary pastimes.


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The seafront at Sidmouth was packed - and not only with folkies.


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An accordian group from West Dorset are favorites with elderly visitors.......


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.....while purveyors of curious musical instruments attract a lot of passing interest (and maybe a few sales!)

They are trading illegally but within the atmosphere of the festival, nobody seemed to mind.

A selection of professional photos is available on the BBC website. (you may need to allow time for the photos to load before you can see the 'next' and 'back' buttons).

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