Shaggy dog stories - and wash your hands.

Woman kissing her dog at Crufts - an event that was not cancelled despite starting on 5 March 2020 when coronavirus was well established. Billed as the world's greatest dog show it seems primarily to be an opportunity for people to exhibit their own curious behaviours.

Crufts was probably not much of a risk because people to people contact was limited.

However, Crufts is another example of misuse of animals by humans - many 'designer' breeds have inherent breathing or feeding problems because of the extent to which stupid people have sought to 'perfect' them.

Like the wet markets of Africa and Asia, the rich people who profit from these obscenities need to find another way to make a living - by doing some work perhaps?

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A medical detective dog being trained to detect disease in humans by sensing odours.

Some sniffer dogs used at airports to detect importation of illegal drugs are so accomplished that criminal gangs apparently put a price on their heads.

It is hoped the dogs – which are already used to sniff out cancer, Parkinsons and low blood pressure – will soon be deployed to the front line in the battle against Covid-19.

Charity Medical Detection Dogs, based in Milton Keynes, is working with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Durham University on the project.

Experts believe the dogs could be trained to detect the disease in as little as six weeks to provide a rapid, non-invasive diagnosis.

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AND FINALLY - Wash your hands!!  (Rowan Atkinson sketch)

Longer version of the same sketch.

And maybe take a Vitamin D supplement (but not too much, just one tablet per day).

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