Copy of internal EDDC email placed on the public planning file. It is to be noted that the possibly illegal felling of a tree can "remove that possible reason for refusal of a planning application".

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Sent: 17 March 2004 12:03
Subject: Hamilton Garage & Village End, Sidford


I've been contacted by Dr Stephen Wosniak, who you may well already have had contact with yourself: he's a local Sidford resident who lives in the brick bungalow (Brookfield, named Brookside on our GGP system) across the road from this development. I understand he's made comments about the posting of site notices and other planning issues which I don't need to get involved in.

My involvement is that a tree has been felled in the former garden of Village End (now fenced off and part of the grounds of the garage) and the garden cleared of all vegetation. It's within the Conservation Area but we weren't notified and unfortunately I have little evidence to take a court case except the odd photo taken with the tree shown. I am hoping to speak to the former owner of Village End, whose garden it was, to see if she can supply any further info. However, without prejudging the outcome of this conversation, it seems unlikely that I shall be able to take a successful prosecution - no stump remains, don't know when it was felled, etc etc.

Dr Wosniak tells me there are applications for an extension to the garage itself and for res. dev't in the cleared area, and I realise that the arb. section won't be consulted on this (no trees left to consult us on!) but wonder if it will be possible to condition the requirement for substantial screen planting and some tree planting, to replace what has been removed, apparently in anticipation of the applications being made. The tree which was felled appears to have been where an access road is now proposed into the housing development and so its felling has overcome that possible reason for refusal (emphasis added). I'd be happy to discuss possible screening and tree planting - only at EDDC on Mondays and Tuesdays which is a bit limiting, but let me know if you want me to meet you/developer/architect on site to look at the possibilities.

Thanks Suzi

Suzi Allen
Landscape Consultant

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