Email sent to Suzi Allen (consultant to EDDC) and copied to Sidmouth Herald newspaper. Dated 8 April 2004.

Thank you for the email. I have not finished with this by a long way: as a branch of organised crime (pardon the pun) it seems that illegal tree felling has much to recommend it: vast potential profits and minimal risk. The large tree in my photo appears to have been directly in the way of the proposed extension of the garage premises

Ownership of the land is also interesting

You will be able to view the aerial photos on screen at EDDC which gives better detail than available from the prints provided via EDDC drawing office. I am writing to Kate Little about this and will copy to you. Many local people are also now objecting to the multiple tree felling. I am seeking more photos taken from ground level. EDDC should be investigating this matter - not leaving it to local residents to come up with all the evidence. I intend to contrast your efforts here with the man-months EDDC put into trying to prosecute me for growing a few square metres of long grass - now increasingly recognised as a good thing in all gardens. My only crime was being ahead of the times!

I shall be raising the specific issue of a replacement tree(s) in the same or similar location(s) as that felled so that the developer/owner does not profit by having cut down a protected tree(s) without authority to pave the way for development. If EDDC do not insist on this then it is clearly open season on trees - cut down those that are in the way, agree to plant a few replacements in different locations and walk away with the proceeds.

There will be publicity, in due time.


Dr Stephen J Wozniak

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