Sidmouth Folk Festival 2005 - how the arena accounts should be presented.

This is in essence a challenge to Councillor Stuart Hughes. His involvement with the fringe festival in 2005 is as organiser of the arena events. The background is discussed on other pages, notably folk38 and folk48.

Because of the obvious need for transparency when large sums of money are handled by public figures, and having regard also to the recent history of questions over the Caribbean Night finances (an event also run by Councillor Hughes) the following is suggested as a framework for handling income and outgoings for 2005.

All ticket sales to be accountable and handled only by third parties independent of the councillors and officials of EDDC who are involved with the events. There should be no repetition of the 'cash in hand' entrance arrangements of past Caribbean Nights.

All totals of ticket sales and numbers attending each event to be published.

All invoices for supply of marquees, infrastructure etc to be made available for public inspection and a proper audited summary to be published.

All 'free of charge' contributions whether by artistes or health and safety or other personnel to be publicly acknowledged and listed.

On the 'top of section' page of this website the following summary appears. It remains a challenge to Councillor Hughes.

Any money collected from  ticket sales, etc, during 2005 should be properly accounted for by persons independent of East Devon councillors and should be devoted to supporting future folk festivals in Sidmouth.

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