Caribbean Night in Sidmouth - queries over where the money goes.

Based in part on material from the Sidmouth Herald, 2004 and previously.

Caribbean Night in Sidmouth follows from Folk Festival Week and utilises the Arena marquee and other equipment set up for the festival. Attendance is usually 3000 to 5000+ persons although the exact numbers are known only to organisers - the principal of these being Councillor Stuart Hughes. Some tickets are sold in advance but many are sold for cash 'on the gate'.

For years there have been rumours about where the money goes - although this is nothing unusual in a small town awash with rumour and intrigue. Come rain or shine, the Caribbean Night is said to run at a small profit. Some of this is used to fund part of the costs of the Sidmouth carnivals. Small cheques are also given (often in a blaze of further publicity) to a few local worthy causes.

There is little doubt that Caribbean Night could not continue without use of the equipment installed for 'folk week'.

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