Sidmouth festival: Questions and answers for 2006

Little will appear here for months - the page was created in October 2004 merely so that it could sit alongside folk51.htm.

What is being done to organise 2006 and to 'bring the festival back with a bang' as EDDC promised? Withdrawal of the EDDC grant threw the plans into chaos in late September 2004. Sidmouth Town Council then tried to raise money locally - the idea went down like a lead balloon. A better approach might have been to lobby the Arts Council and DCMS - but there was, even at that time, no longer an 'existing product' to promote, only the memory of what once was. The prospect of Arts Council funding may be compromised by the festival being located in the 'true blue' heartland of East Devon. I do not know if DCMS would have a 'political' input but as with all of government, you may never be able to find out.

In January 2005 a story appeared suggesting a new venue for the Festival - in Wales!

In February 2005, plans were announced for the creation of a trust and limited company.

Further information on 2006, added from July 2005 onwards, can be found on folk83.htm.

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