Sidmouth's SeeRed website praised for folk festival coverage.

It is always heartening to learn that one's efforts are appreciated. This email was received in mid October 2004. The new Question and Answer page was in part intended as an easy to print summary to hand around to folkies who are not able to access the internet. The letter that follows was published in the Sidmouth Herald on 29 October 2004. There was no other coverage of festival plans that week.

Sidmouth's SeeRed website

A wonderfully interesting, useful and informative website.

We've been to Sidmouth Folk Festival for the last 19 years.

I found www.seered on searching Google for more information on the future of Sidmouth festival following the press-release of 7th May. It's been my main source of information since. Without it we'd be quite ignorant about what's going on.

I've heard nothing about tickets for the 2005 social dances other than what you wrote on 13/10/2004 despite being on Ray Goodswen 's list.

I've forwarded the web address to several folkie friends when there have been significant developments. I also print off the articles and take them to folk dances I go to, they are eagerly read.

It's about time the council found someone to run 2006, I fear that the momentum will be lost and it will be difficult to resurrect the festival after missing a year.

I saw you made a brief appearance on the BBC4 programme (in a ceilidh). I made a brief appearance (waiting in a queue outside Blackmore Marquee) at 45 minutes into the programme. I remember the Britain-in Bloom programme.

Keep up the good work

Thank you

John Pitcock

It will soon be too late for a festival

I have been to Sidmouth Festival every year since 1989 - attending mainly dance workshops and concerts. I particularly enjoy the foreign teams, going to every "chance to meet". It is the international aspect that makes Sidmouth so special.

Following this year's announcements I searched the internet for more information and found written by Stephen Wozniak. This has been my main source of information since. Without it, those who live outside the town would be quite ignorant about what's happening.

I find it a very interesting, useful and informative website and have forwarded details to several friends. I print the articles and take them to folk dances. They are eagerly read.

Whilst talking to locals I have come across mixed feelings. Some love the festival and enjoy the town being livened up, having friends and relatives stay. Others don't like the interruption to their routine.

Having been to Sidmouth out of season I can see how much prosperity the festival brings to the town, it must create many temporary jobs. I have heard that certain traders say that their turnover drops during festival week: I would have thought that people will buy the same things some other time.

The festival also publicises Sidmouth, many more people world-wide have heard of Sidmouth than most other similar sized towns.

I fear that the momentum will be lost and it will be difficult to resurrect the festival after missing a year. If someone isn't found soon to run the festival from 2006 I fear it won't happen.

John Pitcock

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