Comments and opinions from folkies on the crisis facing the Sidmouth Festival. Some serious, some humorous!

There have been many comments received and/or posted on various internet discussion websites concerning the crisis facing the Sidmouth International Festival. The pages listed below contain edited highlights, broadly grouped by topics and in no particular order of importance - because that would be contentious. They may be updated from time to time.

Views of councils and EDDC
Views of Steve Heap and Mrs Casey's Music
Sponsorship, the Arts and Opera  - comparisons
Sidmouth is special - in more ways than one
Sidmouth is unique
A poem posted on the Internet
Gripes corner, cynics rectangle, and other geometry
The festival and local people
The Arena marquee - to cover or not to cover
Trust Funds, Underwriting and Insurance
The Fringe - many views but it is an integral part
Type and size of festival - some comparisons
Infamous last words?

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