Comments and opinions from folkies on the crisis facing the Sidmouth Festival.

Views of Steve Heap and Mrs Casey's Music

All of the Sidmouth festival organisers work their flipping ars*s off for that week, because they love it more than anyone. To suggest that any of them are making money out of it is quite amusing - they happen to be those strange sort of people who are prepared to risk a lot in the hope of making something happen that's fun for a lot of people.

Just a quick thought, How much does Mr Heap make from Sidders and the other festivals he owns? Is the new 4X4 tax deductible?

If you are selling out your season tickets and still carrying an operating loss you have failed to grasp 1st year undergraduate supply/demand economics.

They have stepped in and saved the event in the past, taken risks and I thank them for this and many other things.

Steve Heap has a business-like approach to festivals, and I hope makes a profit - that's where the next festival comes from. His organisational skills have resulted in the AFO (Association of Festival Organisers) to which most festivals belong.

I hope Sidmouth continues (though it's not my choice); I think Steve Heap is attempting to demonstrate to councils et al that Folk Festivals bring valuable business into an area, with a high degree of retained income. Other areas of 'Arts' enjoy massive grants and subsidy.

I will miss the festival (whether it's there or not) and I appreciate the effort that Steve and all of the people involved have put in to keep it going for so long.

What comes across to me from the press release is that the present organisers have got to the point where they want to pass the massive job off on to some other people, or at least pass off a major part of the responsibility and pressure. I don't blame them, and I hope they succeed, and that we get a continuing Sidmouth.

If you MUST write begging press releases, employ someone who knows how to do it.

Steve Heap and Co, have made folk events and organisations into well respected and economically viable products. He has given us the AFO (which is a fantastic resource) and through Sidmouth was born Shooting Roots which does wonders for the evolution of the folk industry.

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