Summary of the importance of aspiration when injecting covid vaccines. Blood clot deaths and (possibly) more severe side effects and reduced effectiveness of Covid vaccines may be linked to injection protocols.

Key points:

For maximum vaccine effectiveness and minimum risk of side effects - ask for your vaccine doses to be injected by someone competent to use aspiration. Older doctors and nurses should have been trained in this technique - even if they have recently been told not to bother using it.

Aspiration for intramuscular injections is a technique that used to be standard practice. It was phased out maybe 20 years ago in the USA and UK yet is still apparently practiced in some countries. It could be very much the preferred approach for Covid injections. This is because these novel types of vaccines may be less effective if injected wholly or partly directly into the blood stream. Also, more severe side effects may be experienced.

Arguments against aspiration include that vaccines may be wasted if injections have to be repeated. This argument is absurd - the western world is awash with an excess stock of vaccines. Hundreds of millions of doses may be destroyed because they have reached their 'use by' dates.

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