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blowoffvalvestrippedthreads2.JPG (47004 bytes) A typical problem! Cracks in the nylon fittings of these heaters often cause leaks.

Tightening the fitting in an attempt to cure the leak can cause it to snap off, leaving threads in the aluminium housing.

Later types of inlet and outlet fittings are black in colour and can accept 'push-on' water connectors.

There are proven techniques for removing the nylon inlet/outlet and pressure relief connectors when these crack and leak or snap off (which they often do when you try to remove them!) Also, you must clean out the threads which is an essential part of fitting a new inlet or outlet or pressure relief device. These threads are often badly corroded.

These are all DIY jobs, but many people do not have the equipment, knowledge or confidence to take their expensive heater to pieces! If you try to do these jobs yourself you can make professional removal and repair more difficult - and more expensive.

Taking your heater to an inexperienced caravan repair depot cannot be recommended - they can charge you 70 per hour and give the work to a 16 year old who will probably make a mess of it! If you send it to me you must package your heater in a way that the outward packaging can be reused for return - or there will be an extra charge. I recommend as a door to door carrier.

Please note I do not supply any spare parts for carver heaters! Try ebay or a local caravan dealer.

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