How to pay for access to the SeeRed caravan pages. Updated August 2019.

The charge is 2.00 and will help to keep SeeRed on the web. You can buy access to my pages in three different ways:

You will need my email address for some payment methods: stevewozniak42 (AT)      replace (AT) by @

Internet bank transfer:

Use one of your internet bank accounts (probably your current account) that allows payments to another person - my account details are here. Then send me an email to say you have done this!

Paypal: you will be sending money to my email address (which is linked to my paypal account)

log into your paypal account, then click on 'send money' (send to an email address)

select 'personal' payment (not the default goods and services) and click 'other' in the personal box.

this should send your payment to me free of charge rather than incurring a charge of about 25p which paypal deduct for any 'goods and services' transaction.

then send me a separate email so I know where to send the link.

Cash into any branch of Lloyds TSB.

Simply go to any branch of Lloyds with the account details you will find here and pay 2.00 into my account. Then send me an email to say you have done this!

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feedback from other purchasers (from the days when my pages were on ebay - this is no longer possible because of their digital download policy, a result of court cases over file sharing via internet and breach of music copyright, etc etc!)