Bank details for direct input or internet banking transfer:

Cheques or cash can be paid in at any branch of Lloyds in the UK by quoting the details below. You can no longer use TSB branches.

Cheques (even Lloyds cheques) take 3 to 4 days to clear.

Cash will clear 'instantly' into my account. Most internet transfers are by FP (faster payments) and take less than 2 hours. Older BACS payments can take 3 working days.

Lloyds Bank
Sort Code:  30-99-21
Account number:  02979433 (sometimes 00002979433)
Account name:  Dr Stephen J Wozniak

International Bank Account Number (IBAN) = GB37 LOYD 3099 2102 9794 33 (not required for UK transfer)

BIC number: LOYDGB21147 (not required for UK transfer)

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