Peoples Network Computers in public libraries in the UK

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This section comprises a wideranging discussion of the People's Network computer system installed in UK public libraries. It brings together a number of the original pages of SeeRed that used to be a part of the 'government incompetence' section. The latest pages are concerned with my submission to the DCMS Select Committee, and with the Committee's report on public libraries. Wider discussion of the role of computers in 'dumbing down' libraries and education is now in another section.

The success of my original People's Network analysis can be measured both by its Google ranking and by the fact that it is still one of the most popular pages of SeeRed, despite being several years old.

Other pages in this section will detail the spread of 'useless' bureaucracy and unwarranted snooping.  Court cases involving Devon County Council and the SeeRed author and centred on the use of PN computers in public libraries will be documented within the Library Dispute section and cross referenced here.

Index for this section

People's Network computers - expensive beige elephants?    (short version here)

People's Network computers - the saga continues.

Summary of the first Tavistock report - effects of the PN on public libraries

Reactions from librarians - early days

Library websites and email addresses - libraries enter the computer age

Submission to the Select Committee - my views on the PN, as requested by Parliament

pdf version of the above report (use this for printing)

The Select Committee Report - did they understand any of the arguments?


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