Local government incompetence

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A number of disparate topics are discussed in the following pages. Each demonstrates either the underlying incompetence of some local government departments or (often) merely the poor scientific calibre of staff. Examples are given of waste of Lottery money, inept data analysis and lack of understanding of data presentation. All pages relating to the Peoples Network computer system in UK libraries have been moved to a new section.

Local councillors should oversee the work of local government to a much larger extent, but as is explained on the first page, local government is in such a mess that few competent people nowadays want to get involved. Changes to the structure of District and County Councils to include higher pay rates and an 'executive' structure for councillors have made matters worse by (in effect) concentrating more power in the hands of senior councillors and the local party bosses. Now more than ever, the views of taxpayers can be ignored.

This is not a recipe for good government or maintenance of local democracy. The Internet may help taxpayers seek improvements in local government.

Malevolence in local government is discussed in another section.

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What has gone wrong with local government?

The sham of accountability in local government

Fantasies of deluded councillors - a view from the dreaming spires

Public money spent in Sidmouth library. What happened to 15,000?

How Sidford village was destroyed by a set of traffic lights

The Five Lamps fiasco - another example of traffic signals causing congestion

Headline news created by Sidford's traffic protests

Road humps - examples of incompetence

The EDDC 'free trees' scheme -giving to the rich?

Pedestrian crossing on Sidmouth's Esplanade

Sidmouth Town Council - quality status or just plain abusive?

A multi-storey car park in Sidmouth - how the battle to prevent it was won >>to be added

Incompetence in data analysis - East Devon AONB >>>>>>> to be added

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