The future of public libraries.
Use of computers in schools and public libraries.

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Draft text: 2006/8.

Computers have been installed in schools and public libraries in record numbers - but arguably without analysing either their real value or cost effectiveness. Plagiarism in universities is now a major problem because of misuse of the internet. Libraries have been much changed by the People's Network, in which 140 million of 'good cause' Lottery money was utilised to help fulfil a core government programme. In order to increase visitor numbers to public libraries - a target set by central government - they are being deliberately and enthusiastically 'dumbed down'. University admission standards have fallen alarmingly. This is all a part of a wider Blairite agenda of 'social inclusion' and 'social engineering'. But is too much that is valuable being lost in the process?

The common factor that runs through many recent government computer projects is that 'New Labour' politicians seem incapable of analysing whether an investment in 'new technology' may be worthwhile. In effect, they seem incapable of asking intelligent questions.

Many of the articles and letters that are reproduced here discuss the use of computers in schools - where ill-thought-through expenditure of 2000 million has not brought commensurate benefits in learning.

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