Help for internet novices!

Reading and printing webpages on ''

To reduce the text size for on-screen viewing simply use the 'VIEW' and 'TEXT SIZE' commands on the Internet Explorer toolbar. Try it with this page.

For printing, one recommended procedure is to download the required page as an htm file, then open it using WORD or OFFICE or a similar word processor, then save it again but this time as a .doc file. This can then be reformatted to set margins and font types and sizes. Retaining the arial font is recommended for greatest clarity. However, browsers and computers vary, so take these ideas as a guide only!

To print in black only, simply select the whole page (edit/select all) and set font size and colour. To remove the underlining of words that were hyperlinks simply underline and then de-underline the whole selected text.

To print just part of a page, try selecting the text and copy to clipboard (edit/copy). Then open Notepad or another text editor and paste the text into a new file. Then print as normal. You may lose some formatting and colour but this is often unimportant. Notepad files are 'text only' and cannot carry macro-viruses that can be associated with WORD files.

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