Email from Sunvic dated 30 October 2007.

Why should Sunvic be annoyed that I should take an innovative design of Sunvic motorised valve to pieces and discover what exactly is wrong with the design? There is a culture in the UK of telling people not to take things to pieces - usually on the pretext of 'Elf and Safety' concerns - often now abbreviated to Elfin Safety!

Such attitudes even pervade the educational system and are endemic in the automotive industry. What is required is a culture of encouraging good design for ease of repair rather than throwing away components just because a small part has failed. This would reduce usage of raw materials and help to limit environmental degradation. Ironically, Sunvic have claimed environmental benefits for their new design of valves.

SUNVIC SZM motorised valves
From: Kevin Miller (
Sent: 30 October 2007 14:07:01

Hi Steve,

I note your comments on your website with interest, may I ask the following :-

1. You would appear to be encouraging the public to dismantle and work upon their Motorised Valves - this is extremely irresponsible and potentially extremely dangerous !!

These are mains powered valves and are NOT designed for repair or dismantling by anyone other than the manufacturer. Also, clearly any evidence of attempted repair or dismantling will invalidate any guarantee. Furthermore, only a suitably qualified and competent person should remove or install these valves. Do you carry suitable liability insurance, or accept any responsibility, for offering this advice to the public ?

2. You state your experience is a 100% failure rate in three years - was this one unit which failed at three years old ?

3. You also state that we, Sunvic have failed to respond to your emails - yet we have no record of any previous emails from you on this or indeed any subject. Please Forward all these emails to me clearly showing the original address and date of sending.

4. As you mention on your website; false, malicious (or even true but unsupported) claims about a Company or Product, can constitute defamation. In consequence, we have already passed these details to our Solicitors.

Our world-wide reputation for quality and service is supported by our fully integrated facility offering fast and effective solutions to our customers requirements. Sunvic's globally accepted products are developed by a team of highly qualified engineers experienced in mechanical, electrical and electronic design and utilizing leading edge technology to meet progressive new product requirements. Sunvic Controls are BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certified, holding ASTA BEAB factory approval, SABS approval and WRAS approval. With BS EN 60730-1 approval on many of our products.

I await your response with interest,
Many thanks

Kevin Miller

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