Sidmouth Town Council: its effectiveness as an advisor on planning issues.

The following letter was published in the Sidmouth Herald on 2 April 2004. The background is outlined in a letter sent to East Devon District Council.

Local voice on planning

Further to the article in last week's Herald about blue planning notices and the attitude of EDDC's planning department towards Sidmouth Town Council, could I inform readers that the full text of my 'damning' letter of 15 March is on my website for all the world to see - and there it is staying.

I have yet to receive a reply from Kate Little at EDDC - maybe it will be so comprehensive it will be worth the long wait.

Arguably, the only really important job that Town Councillors do is to act as an informed local voice on planning matters. It is laughable to suggest that EDDC is an adequate substitute, especially now there is only one committee serving all of East Devon.

Our Town Council costs us more than 100,000 each year and if its effectiveness is to be so diminished by EDDC's attitudes then we might as well save ourselves some money.

Dr Stephen J Wozniak

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