An interim list of plant species found in the Sidford Wild Garden - as provided by one of my neighbours, July 2008. 61 at the first count, grasses not yet included.

Alder, Alkanet, Ash

Beech, Bindweed, Birds foot trefoil, Blackberry, Broad leaved willow herb, Bush vetch

Cinquefoil, Creeping buttercup, Creeping jenny, Crow garlic, Cut leaved cranesbill

Daisy, Dandelion, Dock

English Bluebell

Goat's beard, Great willowherb, Great plantain, Ground elder

Hairy tare, Hairy bittercress, Hawthorn, Hazel, Hedge parsley, Hedge woundwort, Herb Robert, Hogweed

Ivy, Ivy leaved toadflax

Knotweed, Knapweed

Lady's smock, Lesser celandine, Lesser yellow trefoil

Moon daisy


Pendulous sedge, Primrose, Procumbert pearlwort, Purple toadflax

Ragwort, Red clover, Red valerian, Ribwort plantain, Rowan

Scarlet Pimpernell, Self heal, Soft Cranesbill, Sowthistle, Stinging nettle, Sweet Violet, Swine cress

Triangular stalked garlic, Tutsan

White clover, Wild Arum, Wild cherry, Wild strawberry


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