East Devon District Council refuses both planning applications by Mr Hooper - but work on removing trees on the site continues!

Latest news is that both planning applications were refused by EDDC planning officials.

However, in a further twist, Mr Hooper applied to fell some conifers along the river bank and the Town Council approved this at a meeting on 23 June 2004 saying

"It is considered that these trees are not worthy of protection and therefore the Council does not oppose their removal in these circumstances, subject to suitable replanting."

As of 7 July 2004 the bulldozers and chainsaws were once again at work on what was once a verdant garden in the Conservation Area of Sidford. More tree roots have been removed and part of the river bank wall demolished, maybe to improve it?. We look forward to further planning applications in respect of land in the flood plain that should arguably should have been left alone.

By early 2006, a planning application had been approved for substantial extensions to the garage premises and building work was almost complete. There are many other examples in the UK of planning applications having been approved despite objections from the Environment Agency. In this particular case, the local authority (East Devon District Council) had proved almost wholly useless in enforcing (or even seeking to enforce) its own planning guidance. More photos will be published later.

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