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People's Network computers - best value or expensive beige ...
People's Network computers - best value or expensive beige elephants? ... It comprises
an interim discussion of the People's Network computer project. ... - 94k - 23 Feb 2004 - Cached - Similar pages

People's Network computers - short version of original report
... In early 2004 this achieved a 'page one' ranking on GOOGLE - it was listed as
the top entry out of more than 300,000 under 'people's network computers'! ... - 52k - 23 Feb 2004 - Cached - Similar pages
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SeeRed webpages are first and second out of 346,000 results. Similar rankings were obtained using different search terms. For example, using [peoples] instead of [people's] gives different answers!

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Google is the world's most advanced search engine. It is also by far the most popular. It relies on advanced algorithms that analyse documents for quality and relevance.

High rankings on Google have been maintained in subsequent years on a diverse range of topics ranging from dental charges, library computers and abuse of electoral rolls through to filtering pornography, folk festivals and computer dating.

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