Some of the bands who play at Gittisham Folk Dance Club.

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Joining a local dance club is the ideal first step if you have ever wanted to join in at Sidmouth Folk Week or to go to ceilidhs and barn dances.

Jeroka (Jerry, Rose and Kay): another of the local bands who play regularly at Gittisham. Unfortunately Rose has now moved away, but the band is still called Jeroka.

Samples of their music can be found here.

Stickfiddle725.jpg (131955 bytes) Smiles seem to come as standard with all our bands.

Here is the popular "Stick the Fiddle". They have played at many folk festivals including Sidmouth FolkWeek.

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Stick the Fiddle have a website with samples of music and some youtube videos. Unfortunately Bruce (seen on the right) died suddenly in 2019.

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Friendly Folk country dance band. Website.
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Here are the Sou'westers (previously the Pete Mac Band) - one of the groups who used to play at Gittisham Folk Dance club as well as at various sessions during Sidmouth FolkWeek.

A song written by Pete Mac about the wreck of the Napoli on Branscombe beach is here.

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