Sidmouth Rugby Club gives 1000 to Folk Week (out of 11,000 profits).

There has been muted criticism of Sidmouth Rugby Club and Cricket Club for retaining so much of the money made from car parking charges during Folk Week. This is in contrast to some other festivals, where parking facilities are either given for use by the festival organisers or provided 'free of charge' to attendees. A report in the local newspaper confirms the 1000 donation by Sidmouth Rugby Club - out of profits of 11,000. As far as I am aware no similar report has been published in respect of any donation by the cricket club.

Other developments in 2006 included the establishment of a four-person 'Executive' to oversee preparations for the 2007 event. A few reservations have been expressed locally - including that few other successful festivals are run primarily by a committee. There is usually either one person or a husband and wife team who make all the key desisions, and with a committee of helpers.

It is still 'early days' for the restyled Folk Week - a significant test will be the first year of bad weather.

From the Sidmouth Herald, 17 November 2006

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