Social dances at Sidmouth Folk Week 2005 were packed out - yet the organiser, Ray Goodswen, claimed they were "not a huge financial success".

The following article appeared in the Sidmouth Herald on 5 August 2005. The interesting question is whether social dances at Sidmouth Folk Week could ever be a paying proposition if held in town centre marquees if they were "only breaking even" when held in village halls! Over 200 full tickets were sold (at 90 each) and many day and event tickets were sold on the door also. Some events were so packed out that chairs had to be moved aside to accommodate more dancers. Gross takings probably exceeded 20,000.

Generosity makes folk dance workshops a success

A range of Folk Week dance workshops at three venues around Sidmouth has proved to be a great success. The workshops at Sidford village hall, St Francis' church hall and Sidmouth youth centre have provided seven dance sessions each day between 9.30am and 10.30pm.

Ray Goodswen, one of the organisers, said "It has gone very well indeed. "We have managed to generate a friendly atmosphere and a very high quality of dancing. Everything has been very well attended".

Mr Goodswen said the venture had operated on a tight budget but had been well worth doing. "It's not been a huge financial success" he said.

"The only reason we are breaking even is because of the generosity of the bands and callers who are working for only a very small fee.

"We have had no grants or sponsorship for this, but nonetheless we are very happy to be part of the whole festival."

Further details of the costs of the venues and feedback from some participants will be included here later.

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