Sidmouth Folk Festival: Safety on the Bulverton Caravan Site

Extract from my fax of 14 July 1998 to Sidmouth Festival Office, Aylesbury

I note you are parking caravans at the top of field 2 and campers with children lower down. I have raised before the prospect of a runaway caravan flattening people but received no reply.

As a recently elected Town Councillor, I have raised this with the District Council and I understand site safety is your responsibility. I hope you know what you are doing.

Extract from reply dated 15 July from Festival Office:

Regarding your (comments about caravans) - noted and we have already replied to EDDC Environmental Health. We will 'fishbone' the units to the hedge.

There is some dispute as to who suggested the 'fishbone' arrangement that was such a disaster in 1998. EDDC and the festival organisers each blamed each other!

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