Sidmouth Folk Festival 2005 - errors in the proposed structure.

Sidmouth Folk Week 2005 is being planned, so it would appear, by people who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about folk music and dance. They may have less experience of business and/or strategic planning. This page comprises a comment posted on

From: GUEST Another Festival Organiser
Date: 11 Nov 04

Steve in Sidmouth has analysed the situation beautifully. I know the people trying to keep the Festival alive are very well-intentioned and I wish them well. I know the difficulties they will face. My fear is that they don't.

Specifically I question whether they know of all the new licensing regulations they will have to abide by. The 15 million public liability insurance that the council will expect. The health & safety requirements. The environmental health requirements. The risk assessments. The emergency planning. The fire regulations. The new SIA security rules. The costs of all the above. Not forgetting the levy they will have to pay the PRS on each and every ticket sold.

If the Press Release means what it says in stating that every organiser will be responsible for their own event then the logistics of dozens of event organisers all having to handle each and every one of the above requirements will be nightmarish.

I rather suspect that the EHOs at EDDC will also have something to say about the prospect of them being expected to licence dozens of individual events instead of one overall event.

Someone said elsewhere on this site that it won't be easy. That is true. It will be extremely difficult. My advice to all involved would be to discuss the practical licensing issues with the appropriate officers at EDDC as soon as possible, certainly before you start confirming artistes or booking halls. Get from them in writing precisely what they will expect from you in terms of risk assessments, insurance, site plans, event management plans etc. etc.

If you can get all this in writing now then it may save you some very nasty surprises later on.

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