23 October 2004: yet another Sidmouth website is born. This page will be of interest only to computer geeks!

I'm not a geek  - get me out of here.

Another website for the Sidmouth Folk festival was registered on 23 October. The registration details are given below (data from Nominet, 28 October 2004):

Domain Name: sidmouthfolkweek.org.uk

Registrant: Devon Website Group

Registrant's Address:

c/o Stuart Hughes
102 Temple Street
Sidmouth EX10 9BJ

Registrant's Agent: Schlund + Partner AG [Tag = SCHLUND] URL: http://registrar.schlund.info

Relevant Dates: Registered on: 23-Oct-2004 Renewal Date: 23-Oct-2006

Registration Status: Registration request being processed

Name servers listed in order:


Like its sister site, sidmouthfestival.org, the early hosting was via sidmouthcarnivals.net.

The following source coding from sidmouthfolkweek.org shows that at its inception it was no more than a newly created page 'folkweek' on the website www.sidmouthcarnival.com. Describing it as a 'one stop portal' is stretching credibility a little far - even for a politician!

<HTML><HEAD> <META NAME="description" content="The one stop Sidmouth Folk Week portal bringing you all the news and information on Folk Week 2005 Friday 29th July - Friday 5th August 2005"> <META NAME="keywords" content="Folk, Festival, Arena, Ham Marquee, Late Night Extra, Strawbs, Battlefield Band, Dance, Music, Wurzels, Show Of Hands, Tickets, Camping, International, Folk Festival."> <TITLE>sidmouthfolkweek.org.uk</TITLE>

</HEAD> <FRAMESET ROWS="100%,*" BORDER="0" FRAMEBORDER="0"> <FRAME SRC="http://www.sidmouthcarnival.com/folkweek/" SCROLLING="AUTO" NAME="bannerframe" NORESIZE> </FRAMESET> <NOFRAMES> sidmouthfolkweek.org.uk <P> <DIV ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF="http://www.sidmouthcarnival.com/folkweek/">http://sidmouthfolkweek.org.uk/</A></DIV> </NOFRAMES> </HTML>

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