Thank-you messages, from Festival News Friday 6 August 2004 (two of many).

Thank you seems so little

As our 50th Festival draws to a close, just to say Thank You - to the full-time staff, volunteers, artists, technical teams, infrastructure suppliers, supporters, friends and all, - and especially you who have joined us to celebrate - seems such a small set of words. But indeed I know that it's all I need to say, because the real pleasure is that you all take away with you the knowledge that you were part of this unique and magnificent celebration. Perhaps the both is the end of an era but it is most certainly not THE end if the will of the law makers, funders and partners can be strengthened. I believe there will always be a Festival in Sidmouth. Times change, directors come and go. Organisers, producers and artists visit for one year, maybe more. In my case, since 1965 and in this position for the last 18 years. But it's the music, dance and song, the celebration, the Festival that is bigger than all of us - and it's that which must continue.

So to the 51st Sidmouth in whatever style it may take, I would ask you to support the Festival, support the organisers whoever they be, keep this great tradition alive and well for as long as you can and make it your gift to your children so that Sidmouth celebrates with a Festival forever.

"And now it was evening; the musicians, the singers and the dancers had left the stage. The people who had rejoiced were now quite sad. The chatter would begin. The stories, the experience, the sharing of the joys and sadness, the highlights, even the disappointments. These would keep the flame alive until they gathered in another year when they will rejoice again in celebration of their great traditions."

I am privileged to have been a Director of what some have called the most important event in Folk Calendar. It has been a pleasure to sing, dance and work with hundreds of good people as we have planned and staged this wonderful festival. Thank you for being with us at this very special Sidmouth International Festival. I hope you all have a safe journey home and we meet again soon.

Steve Heap
Festival Director

Thank you from the President

It is quite impossible to express the gratitude that we all have for each other. The contributions that make this amazing Festival what it is range from Steve and Alan - to you.

Be at peace, go well and thank you.

David Slater

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