Observations from FolkWeek - 2014 and 2015.

The Ham concert marquee.


At the Ham, the emphasis in recent years has been to keep non-paying people from even glimpsing the artists on stage. It has become a venue in 'lockdown'.

In contrast, ‘complimentary’ season tickets are handed out on loan to friends and others. If FolkWeek wanted to maximise income instead of relying too heavily on large grants from Sidmouth Town Council - freely given and guaranteed for years ahead at a time of supposed austerity - they could do worse than be far more strict about misuse of season tickets. Years ago the practice was to ‘feel’ tickets to help ascertain their authenticity, and with the ready availability of camera phones and maybe mobile colour printers, tickets could easily enough be copied. It is more difficult to duplicate distinctive armbands. The potential problem with the Ham marquee, as has already been highlighted (link STS) is that it’s design may render the interior too hot to be safe in heat wave conditions, something that Sidmouth FolkWeek has not experienced since the major redesign of the marquee.

Add in future - calculations etc on heat build-up and inadequate ventilation.

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