Observations from FolkWeek - 2014 and 2015.

60th celebrations and changes - display panels par excellence!

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Other large changes for 2014 were use of the Connaught Gardens for dance displays (to recreate some of the events of yesteryear) and a much reduced social dance programme at Stowford Rise, despite early publicity suggesting that more use would be made of it, and with an improved bus service.

In 2015 Connaught Gardens was used again to good effect, and the Stowford Rise dance venue was pressed into service every evening - with very mixed results.

As a part of the 60th celebrations a large series of boards had been placed around Sidmouth - giving insights into the history of the festival since 1955.

These were designed by John Dowell - a previous festival director - and were simply superb.

It is to be hoped they were preserved for future use.

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