Observations from FolkWeek - 2014 and 2015.

The Craft Village.

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Another consequence of the move from Kennaway House (which may also have been planned some time ago) was relocation of the craft tent into a 'craft village' located on the large lawned area in front of the GP surgery.

This afforded far more space for traders but without a central covered area.

Traders seemed to like the new venue and it was continued in 2015.

However, in wet weather it has the twin disadvantages that potential customers would hurry away (instead of going indoors to shelter and browse) and each stall has to be individually protected against wind and rain.

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As and experiment in 2014, the Wildlife Trusts took a stall (at a reduced rate) to assess the degree of interest amongst festival goers.

Rates for the main stalls were apparently 400 per week which was thought to be fair - provided the weather was good.

There were about 30 stalls, some double width, so 30 x 400 = 12,000? The land was presumably rented to FolkWeek by East Devon District Council (EDDC), or maybe given for free. I doubt it......

As of 2015, the concept has yet to be tested during a week of very poor weather!

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As for the stalls on Kennaway House lawn, these included The Lemonade Lady who had been 'dumped' by FolkWeek a few years previously because she had had the temerity to try to negotiate the rates for her pitch in Blackmore Gardens.

She was content with the new location but in 2014 needed more customers - maybe she got them in 2015.

Kennaway House has the advantage that many 'day trippers' alight from buses at the Triangle terminus.

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The 'official' replacement lemonade stall in Blackmore Gardens was claimed to be a 'poor relation' - instead of freshly squeezed lemonade it was made using previously squeezed lemons, the juice from which was stored in a large glass bottle in full sunlight.

The photo shows John Golightly as a customer - he is one of the local 'behind the scenes' FolkWeek organisers.

Rates for a small pitch in Blackmore Gardens was said to be over 500.

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