Sidmouth Folk Week 2013/2014 - social dance flyers!

During 2012/3/4 Sidmouth Folk Week continued to attract more social dancers, reversing the decline that was documented in 2010. In 2011 things started to improve. One feature was better venues, including Stowford Rise, another factor (arguably a small one) was better publicity including dedicated flyers distributed to every folk dance club via Set Turn Single magazine, and also given out at dance festivals.

One lucky woman was featured on both the 2013 (yellow) and 2014 (green) leaflets - in 2014 she appears on the inset photograph wiith me - a clear breach of the rule that both I and the SeeRed website must be ignored!

Previously, the Director of FolkWeek John Braithwaite had demanded that I remove from this page, images copied from the FolkWeek website - this was when I iillustrated that the FolkWeek website had been so appallingly redesigned. Previously the ticket pages had been very clear!

sidmouth social2013small.jpg (179258 bytes)  sidmouth social2014small.jpg (176025 bytes)

I don't recollect being asked by FolkWeek if a photograph of me swinging a woman around could be used so effectively to demonstrate the fun of social dancing at Sidmouth - but of course I don't mind! That's me in the yellow shirt on the 2014 leaflet.

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