Options for the future of the Sidmouth Folk Festival, as tabled by East Devon District Council on 14 June 2004. Many people present at the meeting were of the opinion that our local councils could not help organise a quiet drink at a brewery, let alone a hectic week of folk music and dance!

East Devon District Council's
Options for consideration

Options for 2005

1. No District Council support for a Festival in 2005 pending medium term arrangements being put in place for the 2006 festival and beyond.

2. The identification of a partner (either Mrs.Casey's Music or a new partner) who would provide an interim, downsized Festival within the District Council's current budget provision.

3. The District Council to facilitate existing groups and individuals associated with the Festival (middle bar singers, social dance group etc.) to use Council owned and other venues within the town, leading to a 'fringe' style, informal Festival.

4. The District Council to grant-aid Sidmouth Town Council to enable the Town Council to engage professional support to promote and manage a downsized interim Festival.

Options for 2006

A. The establishment of a 'non-profit distributing organisation' (perhaps with charitable status) which would provide an opportunity to involve a wider range of stakeholders, some of which would be locally based.

B. The formation of a public/private partnership which could see any potential profits being reinvested in the arts in East Devon and would provide greater permanence and continuity for the planning of the Festival.

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