Sidmouth Folk Week 2009: Camping and motorhome options.

The official campsite at Bulverton was heavily occupied in 2009 but with many people opting to camp either in private gardens or at one of the commercial campsites around Sidmouth, where facilities are better. Sidmouth's Rugby Club and Cricket Club both took advantage of the week to have their usual complement of motorhomes on site.

There is scope for many more people in Sidmouth to take one or two motorhomes onto their driveways, especially near to the centre of town and near to the cycle path along the Byes from Sidford. Many couples with children value the safe and easy cycle ride into Sidmouth from these locations - it is far safer than using the official festival campsite.

Img_3974.jpg (62681 bytes) Sidmouth's Rugby club.

A few cars made it before the site was closed. In good weather there would have been a steady stream of cars with drivers eager to park in such a prime location.

Maybe next year!

Or maybe covered with tents....

Img_3975.jpg (73132 bytes) Motorhomes around the edge of Sidmouth's Rugby club.

It is unknown how many 'rules and regulations' are broken during Folk Week - just a pity some cannot be broken in respect of road signs too!

cricket club overlook sea.jpg (55212 bytes) Rain clouds overhead.

Some motorhomes parked on the cricket field have a prime view of the lashing waves - and occasionally of sunshine over an azure sea.

cricket field early am 2.jpg (41078 bytes) About 35 motorhomes with many parked to take advantage of the sea views and central location of Sidmouth's cricket club.

Charges were 30 per night.

Car parking was to be 10 per day - reduced in the afternoon -  but the whole scheme had to be abandoned as early as the Saturday because of the state of the ground.

Much revenue would therefore have been lost - including perhaps some donation to the festival.

cricket club park fee.jpg (48034 bytes) Better luck next year chaps!

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