Sidmouth Folk Week 2009: Road safety along the Bulverton Road, Sidmouth

Img_3969.jpg (76257 bytes) One of the principal dangers of the Bulverton campsite has always been the walk to and from Sidmouth - if you choose to walk and not use the bus.

The Bulverton road is narrow and used by fast traffic. In the old days (as has been stated before on this website) many home-made and/or official signs were used to warn drivers of Pedestrians in Road (etc) but there are now fewer, especially driving from Sidmouth. Far fewer people now walk anyway - this is one of the most noticeable differences from the days of the old festival.

This is the only 'outward bound' sign used in 2009. It was not even in a particularly sensible place!

Img_3970.jpg (98580 bytes) A fast stretch of the Bulverton Road with a pavement on one side - but this only goes so far.

After the sweeping bend drivers may face pedestrians in the narrow road walking in either direction.

The grass verge would be one possible location for a row of four or five signs - warning of what may lie around the bend on a dark night or even in daytime.

Home made signs would cost a few pounds each and stakes could easily be driven into the verge.

Img_3971.jpg (117210 bytes)  

As is shown elsewhere on this website - DCC and other councils have taken grave exception to 'home-made' road signs.

They are against the rules so cannot be allowed - despite that they are one of the cheapest ways the festival could enhance safety for campsite visitors to Sidmouth FolkWeek.

This sign at the junction with Broadway was very useful for motorists. It survived the whole week without being removed by a council zealot.

Img_3973.jpg (109999 bytes) Another probably illegal road sign - informing drivers in no uncertain terms that Sidmouth's Rugby field was off limits for car parking owing to the state of the ground.

Fortunately, the many motorhomes booked to use the site were allowed to do so.

council removed signs.jpg (33245 bytes)

In the last year, there have been many examples of village fete and other 'unofficial' signs along verges being removed by local councils - and across England.

This report is from the East Devon area, dated 29 July 2009.

Devon County Council or EDDC were probably responsible.

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