Emails relating to Sidford Folk Dance Club Party Night, mid December 2016.

Hello X,

[deleted personal paragraphs]

Even by the recent standards of Eileen Nightingale it was dire almost beyond belief. Stupidly chosen dances, one of them with grim dolphin reels was more suitable for a workshop (I would have been lynched if I had tried to teach it) and some of the others childish to the point of banality. That's the second recent party when she has been dreadful.

The grim dolphin reels were easy once properly explained. Nothing went right, abysmal from start to finish despite 30/32 people there. I've never been so glad to get out of a dance hall.

The food (such as it was) was eaten almost in silence - always a sign of people enjoying themselves chatting. All in all one of worst adverts for a folk dance club imaginable. The dating game dance was inane. I'll put it on a list to try and forget (shouldn't be too difficult with my memory).

The contrast to Willand recently could not have been starker. We had 40 good dancers, fun partners and brilliant calling. Other people felt as I did about tonight - so it wasn't just me being grumpy. The raffle was slow and tedious to the point of decrepitude. It could have been done in a third of the time or less.

Thank goodness I have a couple of dances tomorrow - all I shall have to tolerate there is women who are too slow and women who reek of face powder. Ghastly stuff.

The DVD of Mikey dancing in Poland shows what an accomplished lad he is. The one highlight of the evening? Heaven knows why he tolerates Sidford!

Against that, it was one of the very worst of their evenings......

Things can only get better??

Steve W.

Morning Steve

Apart from [deleted personal aside] I agree with all your comments!

It was utterly dire, not even fun.

Eileen was far too slow, assumed knowledge and didn't explain clearly. I felt sorry for Fresh Aire.

I like to think I've got patience but I've lost it with Sidford. Time is too precious.

Shame as there are a few people I shall be sorry not to see there.

Think of all those who used to come .....

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